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New Configurable Widgets in RB Agency!

Have some lonely sidebars? Why not fill them with the new RB Agency widgets! A “widget” is just a way of saying a thing-a-ma-jig or a way to describe the ability to easily drag and drop additional functionality into preset regions of your site.

Widget: RB Agency

The following are the current widgets found in the RB Agency WordPress plugin

Featured Profile

This allows you to showcase featured models!  In the new build Version 1.8.5, you will see the ability to set profiles as featured.  Once featured, you can add the widget which randomly shows a different featured profile each time the page is refreshed.

Profile Search

The next new widget is the profile search widget.  This adds a search form to your sidebar. This can be displayed as either the advanced search with all fields or in the condensed form.

Advanced Widget Configuration

GEEKS / ASPIRING GEEKS ONLY!  You will notice that the widget added to the sidebar appears on every page.  If for an example you would like to have 2 featured models on all pages but one where you want 5 featured models (maybe you have tons of content in this particular page) this can be achieved through “Widget Logic”.  Widget Logic is a free WordPress plugin you can install which gives you control over if it displays or not on the given page.

The way you control it is with Conditional Tags (learn more on the WordPress website  So if you want the widget to appear ONLY on a given page in the Widget Logic form field of the widget add:


Where the Page ID is 2 (to find the page ID, edit the page and look in the page URL, it will say ?post=2 as an example.  If you want to display on all pages EXCEPT a certain page, use the ! exclamation mark before the code as follows:


If you want it on several pages, add the page ID’s in an array like so:

[code]is_page( array( 2, 4, 6 ) )[/code]

This will show the widget on three pages.  Pretty straight forward.  To get more complicated check out the Widget Logic plugin page for more examples.

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