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RB Agency Version 1.8.5 Released

The new version 1.8.5 comprises of a series of major software upgrades.  Most of which warranted their own post, here is a digest of the updates:

New Profile Layout Types

The profile page was designed in a way that made it very flexible and allowed absolute stylesheet control due to the well constructed and named containers.  However to make it even a step easier, there are now 5 layout types supported by the new version with new capabilities for developers to add their own layouts in seamlessly.

New Custom Fields

There are a number of options when adding custom fields.   The new upgrade allows not only the ability to add custom fields, but now also to create private and theme based fields.  These three options allow any combination of customization.

New Shortcodes

Shortcodes are the placeholders you add to your pages which tell WordPress to pull functionality into the page.  This new feature allows you to create custom short codes to query the profile database and get exactly what you are looking for.

New Widgets

A “widget” is a name to describe the ability to easily drag and drop additional functionality into preset regions of your site.  There are two new widgets supported allowing ease of display of featured profiles and profile search forms.

New Profile Management

The new way of laying out the data makes it very easy to decipher what is administrative data, what is public and now integrates with RB Agency Interact to allow models to manage their own information.

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