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New Profile Visibility Types

There have been several requests for the ability to have “Active” clients that are not featured on the front of the website. So they are available in all administrative searches and able to be sent to clients (casting agents etc.) but can not be browsed directly.

You will now see additional visibility options from the profile management screen:

Many of the visibility options are self explanatory:

  • Active:  This is visible in the profile, category and search screens and visible in the administrative screens.
  • Active – Not Visible:  This is not visible in the standard front-end screens but available to email and in administrative screens.
  • Inactive:  This is not visible in the front-end but is visible in the admin area (indicated by a pink background color)
  • Archived:  This is not visible in the front-end or back-end but can be searched for on the administrative back-end to edit and re-activate.
  • Pending Approval:  This is only applicable with the RB Agency Interactive plugin for profile self registration.

You will also now see the visibility options in a drop down menu on the profile list page:


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