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Personalize the Add to Casting Cart and Add to Favorites Icons

You can now personalize the Add to Casting Cart and Add to Favorites icons for your website. We added a new setting where in admin can replace the icons or leave blank to us…

Set Specific Profile to Private

Admin can now set specific/individual profiles to private even if their privacy setting is set as Public. If enabled, that specific profile will not be visible in profile listing and searches if user is not logged in. Only logged in users will be able to view the profile.

This is how the profile listing will look like for LOGGED IN users if a specific profile is set to private. We will us…

New version 2.3 now even FASTER!

We have dedicated significant efforts to optimizing the database queries and other speed related enhancements. Contact us about the newest version 2.3!

ALTER TABLE wp_agency_customfield_mux ADD INDEX (ProfileID)
ALTER TABLE wp_agency_profile_media ADD INDEX…

Version 2.1 Release

(NOTE: Current version is 2.0.9, we are finishing last items before 2.1 release)

Added override to be able to turn on-off redirect on login.  Agency > Settings > Interact Settings
Added ability to manage media dropdown values (currently “Headshot, Comp Card, Video Slate, etc”) now can be managed in Agency > Settings > Media Categories…

How to Generate Logins & Send them to Users via Email

Data Management

WordPress Dashboard » RB Agency » Tools & Reports » Data Management » Importing Records

1. You may generate login and password for profiles which has been uploaded via importer, using this tool. Click the, GENERATE USER LOGINS/PASSWORDS button.

2. Generate Login / Passwords. You can choose if you wish to…

RB Agency Software: How to Use Exporter & Importer Feature

RB Agency: Settings

WordPress Dashboard  » RB Agency » Settings

1. Start by creating CUSTOM FIELDS. These are the fields that you want to appear in Profile Manager, Registration Forms, and Search Forms. Click any of the two CUSTOM FIELDS buttons.

2. Start creating custom fields. You can edit the preset fields or create new…

RB Agency Version Bulk Data Uploader

Bulk Data Uploader

Recently, RB Plugin released the RB Agency Importer, an RB Agency extension plugin that allows website administrators to load all their model’s data in a bulk option.

With the increasing demand for the RB Agency Importer extension plugin, we have decided to integrate the feature into the RB Agency software. This allows users to experience the power of the importer, without having to…

Huge New Release!! Version 1.9.7

Its been a few months since the last major release, but we are finally done with a huge list of new features (most were recommendations from our clients which we added in at no additional charge).  I am going to be doing a new demo video with all the new features but here is a list of some of the changes:
Fully Customized Types (Genders)
You can now create custom categories typically used for…

RB Agency – Version 1.4 Released

With the release of version 1.4 there are a series of new features.
Enhanced Client Relation Management
The client interface now features additional social profiles (this is a setting that can be enabled/disabled), the ability to add custom fields and a rich text editor to add custom text to.

Custom Field Management
You can now add additional custom fields which are attached to the clients…

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