Now easily upgrade from WordPress!

Just launched Version 2.4 which now supports upgrading directly from the WordPress dashboard.  This will now notify you when an upgrade is available and make it very easy to get the newest version with just a click of the button!

To take advantage of this feature you will need to manually upgrade to version 2.4, all future upgrades can then be done from the WordPress…

New version 2.3 now even FASTER!

We have dedicated significant efforts to optimizing the database queries and other speed related enhancements. Contact us about the newest version 2.3!

ALTER TABLE wp_agency_customfield_mux ADD INDEX (ProfileID)
ALTER TABLE wp_agency_profile_media ADD INDEX…

Huge New Release!! Version 1.9.7

Its been a few months since the last major release, but we are finally done with a huge list of new features (most were recommendations from our clients which we added in at no additional charge).  I am going to be doing a new demo video with all the new features but here is a list of some of the changes:
Fully Customized Types (Genders)
You can now create custom categories typically used for…

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