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RB Agency Software: How to Use Exporter & Importer Feature

WordPress Dashboard  » RB Agency » Settings

1. Start by creating CUSTOM FIELDS. These are the fields that you want to appear in Profile Manager, Registration Forms, and Search Forms. Click any of the two CUSTOM FIELDS buttons.

RB Agency: Settings

2. Start creating custom fields. You can edit the preset fields or create new ones.

Wordpress Plugin Custom Fields

WordPress Dashboard » RB Agency » Tools & Reports » Data Management » Importing Records

3. Go to TOOL & REPORTS to start Importing Records. Scroll down at the bottom of the page to see the IMPORTING RECORDS section.

 Step 1: Export Now

  • Click the EXPORT NOW button. This will allow you to download the excel template file. This is where you can load in profile data to import onto the database.

Export Now

  • Export Database. Select the file format you want to download. You can choose either XLS or CSV. Once you’ve selected file format (in this case, we chose CSV), click the EXPORT NOW button. Save file.

Data Management

  • Open the CSV file.


a. For first time users, you will see a blank excel sheet with just heading titles on each column. These headings are the custom field titles you created.

b. For second time users or if your database have profile data already loaded, you will need to delete all data so it will not override the existing files.

  • Enter the data into the CSV file. Once complete, it will look something like this.

CSV File


a. The first 17 columns should not be deleted, re-order, or renamed.

b. Birthdate format should be YYYY-MM-DD

c. Punctuation marks are not allowed. E.g. Andrea O’Neil

d. Custom fields are shown right after the ProfileIsActive column.

Step 2: Import Data

  • Click the IMPORT DATA button to upload the updated CSV.

Import Data

  • Upload the CSV file. Click the READ COLUMN HEAD button. A notification for a successful upload will appear on the screen.

Import CSV/XLS

WordPress Dashboard » RB Agency » Manage Profiles » List Profile

4. Optional: to double check if the upload is successful, go to MANAGE PROFILES and check if the profiles are existing.

List Profile

5. Go to back to TOOL & REPORTS.

WordPress Dashboard » RB Agency » Tools & Reports » Data Management » Importing Records

Step 3: Generate folder names for profiles

  • Click the GENERATE FOLDER NAMES FOR PROFILES button to check if the profiles are assigned to a folder.

RB Agency

  • If you see a MISSING folder, click the GENERATE FOLDER NAMES link at the bottom of the page.

RB Agency

If successful, you will see something like this:

Successful Folders

Step 4: Create folders for all profiles

  • Click the, CREATE FOLDERS FOR PROFILES button to check if all of the profiles have folders created on the server.

RB Agency

  • Check Galleries / Check Profiles against Folders: This will determine if a profile exists. Green profiles indicate that the model has a folder linked correctly. Red profiles indicate that a model does not have a folder created for them yet.

NOTE: spelling errors will affect the existence of a folder. Check the report to find folders with no profile assigned, which may need to be renamed.

Folders Spelled Wrong

  • Generate Folders for Profiles. Click the, GENERATE MISSING FOLDER FOR PROFILES button below to create folders for all profiles identified as not having a folder created.

Generate Folders

If your page is similar to this, it means the folders are successfully created.

Data Management

Step 5: Scan Folders for Images

  • First locate the folder path /wp-content/uploads/profile-media and upload images directly to each corresponding folders created via FTP.
  • Once all images are uploaded, go back to your website and click the, SCAN FOLDERS FOR IMAGES button to sync the images to the database.

Scan Folders for Images

This script corrects all the filenames of the images uploaded. It will remove special characters and spaces, then adds the images to the database.

NOTE: PDF’s, videos, mp3, word doc, etc. (all files other than jpeg, jpg, & png) cannot be a part of the image viewer. PDF’s can be uploaded as comp cards and headshots but cannot be a part of the gallery. These files must be manually uploaded.

  • Click the, ADD ALL PENDING CHANGES link at the bottom of the page.

Correct File Names

Successful syncing looks like this.

RB Agency

Step 6: Set Primary Profile Image

  • Identify which image is the primary image for each profile.

Set Primary Profile Image

  • Select the checkbox to set the desired Primary Profile Photo for the model. Then click the, SUBMIT button below the page.

NOTE: The latest release of WordPress conflicts with the radio button. We are currently debugging. However, this does not affect the process. Just click the button once to set the primary profile photo for each model and then click the SUBMIT button below the page.

Model Profile

Indicates Primary Images are Saved.

Primary Images Saved

WordPress Dashboard » RB Agency » Manage Profiles » List Profile

6. Go back to MANAGE PROFILES and check if the profile data and images are all matching, and imported correctly. If everything is correct, you may continue uploading other media files like videos, resume, etc.

Manage Profiles



by Liza Elliott-Ramirez on RB Agency
Thank You! Thank You! Sending you both love and light!

Rob and Anne, I cannot thank you enough for rallying for me. I appreciate you both more than words can express right now! I’m so thankful for all that you have done and continue to do to help me with the site. Rob, Thank you for listening to me and holding my hand the other day. It’s been a bit of a challenge out her in LA-Between personal then all the fires, I’m traumatized! Thank you so much for your generosity in spirit!! I really mean that! Anne, You are awesome, amazing and just lovely. Thank you so much for walking me through all the ins and outs of your ever so complicated yet intriguing job. Please just tell me what I need to finally go 100% with your platform. I’m most definitely will listen to all of your guidance so this never happens again. Wake up call, for sure. Sending you both love and light! Have a beautiful day/night!

by Maria DeSantis on RB Agency
Thank you so much!

You guys are a great team and the software and support is top notch!

by Susan Applegate on RB Agency
The Best!

I would like to thank you Rob and your team for all the effort you made to get me up and running. You really are the best and I love your product. It gives me all the functionality I need and now that the glitches are ironed out...I'm thrilled with it.
If I can ever do anything for your company, I'd be happy to do so. I appreciate the great service.

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