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Version 2.0.7

RB Agency Software

Current Version:

Many updates to the RB Agency, RB Agency Interact and RB Agency Casting plugin.


RB Agency

Settings & Style

  • Notification if local style sheet is not present.
  • Ability to add custom HTML above and below template.

Profile Management

  • Number of Profiles loaded indicated.
  • Paste Video ID’s instead of entire URL (e.g. paste only NVEoCkvojQE instead of
  • Ability to add Caption & Title on your videos.
  • Responsive profile editor (admin side)
  • When uploading images, appending random characters to the filename so that you can upload the same image name twice and it will not override itself

Casting Cart & Saved Searches

  • Added “From: Name” & “From: Email” fields.
  • Email feature now has the ability to send emails from the plugin from different email accounts.
  • Added breaks so the notes do not mash up altogether. Send casting cart email with notes now allows paragraphs
  • PDF & Print Feature working

Bug Fixed

  • Order locations by name (countries were by ID before, now ordered correctly)
  • Fixed multiple folders getting created every time saving data. e.g. john-d, john-d-01, john-d-02, john-d-04…


RB Agency Casting

Please note that some of the casting agent features previously held in RB Agency have been removed and are now in Casting.  Do not upgrade if you are using agent features in the base plugin unless you would like to upgrade to the Casting plugin for additional agency features.

  • New Setting to allow casting cart link to be viewed by all users – registered or non-registered.
    “Show Client View Casting as Public (can view by non registered/login users)”
  • Thumbnail Photos on Emailed Casting Cart link


by Liza Elliott-Ramirez on RB Agency
Thank You! Thank You! Sending you both love and light!

Rob and Anne, I cannot thank you enough for rallying for me. I appreciate you both more than words can express right now! I’m so thankful for all that you have done and continue to do to help me with the site. Rob, Thank you for listening to me and holding my hand the other day. It’s been a bit of a challenge out her in LA-Between personal then all the fires, I’m traumatized! Thank you so much for your generosity in spirit!! I really mean that! Anne, You are awesome, amazing and just lovely. Thank you so much for walking me through all the ins and outs of your ever so complicated yet intriguing job. Please just tell me what I need to finally go 100% with your platform. I’m most definitely will listen to all of your guidance so this never happens again. Wake up call, for sure. Sending you both love and light! Have a beautiful day/night!

by Maria DeSantis on RB Agency
Thank you so much!

You guys are a great team and the software and support is top notch!

by Susan Applegate on RB Agency
The Best!

I would like to thank you Rob and your team for all the effort you made to get me up and running. You really are the best and I love your product. It gives me all the functionality I need and now that the glitches are ironed out...I'm thrilled with it.
If I can ever do anything for your company, I'd be happy to do so. I appreciate the great service.

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