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Version 2.4.7 Release with Cool New Features!

New Features:
New Image Setting for Layout 00, 01, 02, and 03
If enabled, the filename of the image will show up at the bottom of the photo and act as a caption in profile view.

Set Specific Profile to Private
Admin can now set specific/individual profiles to private even if their privacy setting is set as Public. If enabled, that specific profile will not be visible in profile listing and…

New Setting: User Must Be Logged In To View Profile Listing & Search

RB Agency recently added a new Casting Cart Link setting called “Must be logged in to view Profile Listing and Search”. With this setting, you will be able to keep your current privacy setting so non-registered and non-logged in users cannot access profiles and search forms unless you send them the casting cart link. The profiles are still kept as private and only your clients with t…

Now easily upgrade from WordPress!

Just launched Version 2.4 which now supports upgrading directly from the WordPress dashboard.  This will now notify you when an upgrade is available and make it very easy to get the newest version with just a click of the button!

To take advantage of this feature you will need to manually upgrade to version 2.4, all future upgrades can then be done from the WordPress…

New version 2.3 now even FASTER!

We have dedicated significant efforts to optimizing the database queries and other speed related enhancements. Contact us about the newest version 2.3!

ALTER TABLE wp_agency_customfield_mux ADD INDEX (ProfileID)
ALTER TABLE wp_agency_profile_media ADD INDEX…

LIVE Sales & Support Chat!

If you have visited our site lately (as is now 🙂 you will notice a new live chat and support widget in the bottom of the screen.  This is your direct link with Rob Bertholf to answer any sales or support questions you may have.  If you need detailed support please continue to use but if you have a quick question that doesn’t require a full email, jump on and ask!

Stay in…

Version 2.1 Release

(NOTE: Current version is 2.0.9, we are finishing last items before 2.1 release)

Added override to be able to turn on-off redirect on login.  Agency > Settings > Interact Settings
Added ability to manage media dropdown values (currently “Headshot, Comp Card, Video Slate, etc”) now can be managed in Agency > Settings > Media Categories…

Responsive Profile Layout Views

Our Modeling Agency Software for WordPress allows full configuration of the way of profile layouts are displayed including several built in views. To access these go to Agency > Settings > Configuration and select the “Profile Layout Style”

Please note, only #0-#4 and #8 are currently converted and supported at the time of this post.  We will continue to convert the other layout…

Version 2.0.7

RB Agency Software

Current Version:

Many updates to the RB Agency, RB Agency Interact and RB Agency Casting plugin.

RB Agency
Settings & Style

Notification if local style sheet is not present.
Ability to add custom HTML above and below template.

Profile Management

Number of Profiles loaded indicated.
Paste Video ID’s instead of entire URL (e.g. paste only NVEoCkvojQE…

How to Generate Logins & Send them to Users via Email

Data Management

WordPress Dashboard » RB Agency » Tools & Reports » Data Management » Importing Records

1. You may generate login and password for profiles which has been uploaded via importer, using this tool. Click the, GENERATE USER LOGINS/PASSWORDS button.

2. Generate Login / Passwords. You can choose if you wish to…

RB Agency Software: How to Use Exporter & Importer Feature

RB Agency: Settings

WordPress Dashboard  » RB Agency » Settings

1. Start by creating CUSTOM FIELDS. These are the fields that you want to appear in Profile Manager, Registration Forms, and Search Forms. Click any of the two CUSTOM FIELDS buttons.

2. Start creating custom fields. You can edit the preset fields or create new…


by Liza Elliott-Ramirez on RB Agency
Thank You! Thank You! Sending you both love and light!

Rob and Anne, I cannot thank you enough for rallying for me. I appreciate you both more than words can express right now! I’m so thankful for all that you have done and continue to do to help me with the site. Rob, Thank you for listening to me and holding my hand the other day. It’s been a bit of a challenge out her in LA-Between personal then all the fires, I’m traumatized! Thank you so much for your generosity in spirit!! I really mean that! Anne, You are awesome, amazing and just lovely. Thank you so much for walking me through all the ins and outs of your ever so complicated yet intriguing job. Please just tell me what I need to finally go 100% with your platform. I’m most definitely will listen to all of your guidance so this never happens again. Wake up call, for sure. Sending you both love and light! Have a beautiful day/night!

by Maria DeSantis on RB Agency
Thank you so much!

You guys are a great team and the software and support is top notch!

by Susan Applegate on RB Agency
The Best!

I would like to thank you Rob and your team for all the effort you made to get me up and running. You really are the best and I love your product. It gives me all the functionality I need and now that the glitches are ironed out...I'm thrilled with it.
If I can ever do anything for your company, I'd be happy to do so. I appreciate the great service.

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